Lighten Your Life with the “Lighter Life Recovery” Program


Learn how to make lasting changes that have the potential to impact the rest of your life! The purpose of the program is to move toward a life of authentic joy and fulfillment, not necessarily to turn your whole life upside down. Be kind to yourself!

Welcome to the Lighter Life Recovery Program!

WARNING – this is not a superficial, sugarcoated, fluff program – we get right down to business!

You will connect with your inner wisdom and liberate your most sacred truths. There will be tears, discomfort at times and a lot of growth. But lets face it, real change only happens when we do the necessary work. When you finally discover how to show up in the life you truly want, you begin living the life you once only dared to dream about. If you put everything into this program that you have – you will graduate in 12 weeks lighter and free of a lot of burdens.


Included Topics

Throughout the Course of the Next 12 Weeks You Will Be Diving Deeply into What Makes You Tick and Creating The Fundamental Changes You Desire in Your Life.

woman smiling
  • Control
  • Balance
  • Trusting the journey
  • Journaling and introspection
  • Finding guidance
  • Emotions
  • Letting go / Character traits
  • Taking responsibility / Stress
  • Goals / Sleep
  • Maintenance
  • Connection / Meditation
  • Being of service




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Daily Communication (Value $175)

Modules (Value $6500)

Videos (Value $750)

Audios (Value $175)

Workbooks (Value $800)

Support Group (Value $1200)



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